We understand that your strengths, challenges, competitors, and customers are unique. That’s why we begin every partnership with a free consultation to understand your marketing performance and to decide and prioritize your goals. We can help you get there. Take a look at the services Postmedia Solutions provides to help your business grow.

We design a compelling digital experience that enables prospects and customers to learn more about your business, and how to engage with you. We provide beautiful websites that deliver the right message and experience to generate awareness, sales or leads, and enable the best possible customer experience to grow your business.
Search engines have become an indispensable part of how customers decide where to take their business. Prominence in search engine results is critical to driving new business; whether it is exposing your website and what you sell, demonstrating your success with positive reviews, or discovering your address and hours. We offer our clients the Search services to make sure your ads are effective, your website and business details are discoverable, and your online reputation is managed.
Social media is powerful. The size of the audience along with the increases in time spent makes a social presence virtually essential for all businesses that are looking to grow and maintain relevance. Postmedia Solutions offers you the solutions and strategists to navigate the advertising and content approaches businesses can take to identify and engage with your target audiences.
Effective advertising is a balance of understanding your target audience with thoughtful execution. At Postmedia – we’ve got both. Our strategists leverage our robust advertising services and century of audience insights to build singular or multi-channel advertising campaigns. Whether your goals are based on increasing your sales, raising your profile, or engaging with clients post-conversion – we ensure your campaigns are optimized and well-informed.
Using custom content to engage with your target audience is one of the best ways for consumers to understand why they should consider doing business with you. A compelling story lets you explain what you do, answer why someone should care, and address common objections. It enables effective and engaging conversation of one-to-many. A great piece of content about your business opens up brand-strengthening opportunities on social media, blogs, and word-of-mouth – positioning you for success.
Our print solutions offer you the most trusted advertising platform to promote your business. Postmedia’s stable of publications are some of English-Canada’s oldest news brands – many with over a century of credibility and goodwill in their respective cities and communities. Whether you are looking to raise your profile, promote an offer or drive online or offline traffic, we can help you meet your goal and grow your business.


Build awareness for your business with our network of 140+ print brands providing trusted and award-winning content to 6.7 million Canadian adults 18+ each week. Many of our publications have been reaching devoted audiences even before Canada became a country! By targeting our loyal readers through print ads, advertisers can reach engaged audiences on a platform that is familiar and credible.


Visibility is everything online. Maximize your reach on Google and stand out—and above—your competition. The more you’re seen by the right prospects online, the more opportunities you have to attract new website visitors, grow online sales or get your phone to ring! As a Google Premier Partner and winner of the 2016 North American Google Channel Award for Strategic Account Growth, we are proven experts who create, manage, monitor, and adjust online campaigns to get immediate and measurable results.



Websites are business tools that should convert visitors into customers. If your website is poorly designed or outdated, it directly (and negatively) affects your bottom line. We create professionally-designed websites that are SEO-friendly, SSL-encrypted, and easily scalable. They intuitively adjust to every device, so the viewing experience is always slick. Once it’s up, we maintain your site with regular updates and work with you to evolve your site to meet your growing business needs over time.


If your business doesn’t show up in search results for Google, Yahoo, and Bing, your customers don’t know you exist. Our SEO experts work to organically increase your search position through a diversified approach and a plan founded on industry standards. Our goal is to place your business at the top of the page and outrank the competition.


People talk—a lot. Brands that show up in social circles with their customers in relevant ways get noticed. Our social media experts help craft paid online advertising strategies and campaigns that build brand awareness, improve market share, increase site traffic, and drive sales across multiple channels. We measure performance in real-time and can adjust campaign messaging, ad placement, and geo-targeting on the fly to maximize campaign success.


Content marketing is an effective way to increase audience engagement and attention. It builds brand awareness, increases loyalty, and positions your brand as an expert. Great content provides a valuable service to audiences, rather than selling to them.

It’s advertising content that matches the form and function of a publisher’s platform. The content can include articles, videos, infographics and more! This content can appear in native ad placements which are designated positions on a publisher’s platform for native content.


If you engage on social media strategically and authentically, consumers will inherently begin to share your brand message for you. We can pinpoint your target audience, then work with you to create and implement an impactful multi-platform campaign to captivate them and compel them to participate with your brand.


Your marketing message isn’t for everyone, so why spend budget to market to the masses? With programmatic advertising, your campaign is delivered to your ideal prospects using target-specified algorithms that analyze user behaviours. Our in-house digital experts help you to plan and optimize your advertising in brand safe environments. We collaborate to define campaign budget and goals, then adjust the variables in real-time based on performance to maximize ROI.



Reach your audience on any device, in any environment, at any moment of the day. Digital audio ads are served between songs during active streaming music sessions to users who are not Premium subscribers. In addition to the audio spot, your brand also gets a clickable companion display ad unit, allowing you to extend your campaign and drive traffic to your website.  Our team of experts will work with you to extend the reach of your campaign and develop meaningful and effective audio ads to build credibility, generate awareness and position your business for success.


Access the largest English-speaking digital audience in Canada in the news and information category, reaching 63% of Canadian adults aged 25 to 54. Advertisers can display imaginative digital creative that resonates with their target audience alongside our trusted journalism for a powerful advertising experience.


With Live Chat, your business is never closed to customers in need—and you never miss an opportunity to make a great impression. No matter what time of day or night, you can welcome visitors, qualify buyers, provide immediate support, and guide site navigation.


Online landing pages are designed to lead potential customers to specific branding, messaging or offers and getting them to take action while visiting the page. Host them on your own domain, a new domain, or on our shared domain without impacting your current website. Set up is quick and deployment is easy! Plus, you can review page performance in real-time to measure campaign effectiveness.


“Near me” keyword searches on Google has grown 2.4 times year-over-year*, but if your online information isn’t up-to-date, customers may be finding your competitors instead. We’ll make it easy for customers to find your business by ensuring online directories have accurate details about your location, hours, and contact information. We can help you monitor and respond to customer reviews, improving consumer purchase behaviour for your business.

*Google Trends, August 2015 vs August 2014, U.S.


We reach over 3.6 million households weekly in 115 markets across Canada. We are the only Canadian newspaper publisher that can provide insert planning, printing and distribution services nationally or locally. With our expert segmenting options and analytic services, businesses can send flyers to any audience, based on their income, age, occupation, neighbourhood, and interests, on any day of the week. We offer turn-key solutions for every aspect of the insert process.


Advertisers can feature their ads alongside Special Sections that cover current events and trends that matter most to Canadians. From outdoor guides during the summer, to back-to-school sections, to finance tips during tax season, Special Sections offer the perfect environment for ad placement that resonates with engaged readers.


Classifieds are an easy and cost-effective way for businesses and individuals to share their message with daily readers. Our team of classified experts will book your ad, notice or announcement within local brands or coast-to-coast.


Postmedia HUB

As a Postmedia client, you get access to Postmedia Hub. We pride ourselves on transparency and performance, and have built a client dashboard that provides anytime access to the metrics for your marketing campaigns and programs with Postmedia. By understanding the performance of your marketing, you can make informed decisions that enable you to be more effective and impactful with your investment.

But don’t worry, your Media Sales Consultant will always consult on performance, and provide recommendations that will help you reach your goals, and see your business grow.