Tech companies need smart marketing strategies to reach potential leads with relevant information that converts them into customers.


To generate new leads for your tech company, you must invest in your marketing strategy. How important is digital marketing to your overall strategy? Marketers are betting with their budgets: over 60 per cent of businesses increased their digital marketing budgets in 2021 alone.

If you want to compete, you need a strategy that makes the best use of your marketing budget to attract new leads to your company. That means developing a marketing strategy informed by what you know about your target customers. What challenges are they facing? Where do they look for information? How are they currently addressing a problem you could solve for them?

When you centre your marketing efforts around your ideal customer, you have a good chance of reaching relevant audiences with the information they need to buy from you. Your biggest challenge is determining which popular marketing ideas for tech companies will bring you the best results.

Why is marketing critical for tech companies?

Innovation and development are core drivers of success for tech companies, but they also drive constant change in the industry. New companies you need to compete with are constantly popping up in the landscape.

Many tech companies can attract a global audience, which is appealing if you’re ready to service customers worldwide. If you’re not, you still have competitors around the world who are after customers in your market. An estimated 305 million startups are launched each year globally, which means you are competing with a lot of chatter in tech circles.

These new companies are likely moving swiftly with aggressive marketing campaigns promoting the idea, launch, growth and maturity of each stage of their development. They may also ramp up outreach during key fundraising stages.

This means your target audience is being bombarded with a steady stream of news and exciting updates from every company innovating in your industry. This competition for your audience’s attention and purchasing power is a huge incentive for you to invest in an effective marketing strategy.

Top 5 marketing ideas for tech companies and why they matter

You probably already have a few marketing initiatives on the go, but maybe you’re not seeing the desired results. While marketing is vital to keep your brand visible and attract new customers to your company, it’s easy to lose focus.

Let’s walk through five popular technology product marketing ideas to understand why they might be a smart choice for your strategy.

1.     Publish valuable content

Consistent creation of informative content can help draw visitors to your website so potential leads discover your company when they look for solutions to their challenges. According to Search Engine Journal, almost half of the businesses surveyed say organic search brings them the best marketing ROI. Well-written content can help potential customers understand what you offer and how you might solve their problems.

Why content is great for tech companies

Content marketing can help you position your company as a leader in your space and offer insights to customers looking to understand your product or technology better. It allows you to show up and communicate your company’s value while demonstrating to customers that you understand their challenges and are ready to help them succeed.

2.     Email marketing campaigns

Targeted emails delivered to your customers’ inboxes can send compelling messages that build interest, spark curiosity and position you as a trusted resource ready to help when your lead is ready. It powers a massive ROI: $36 for every dollar spent.

Why email can work for tech companies

Your tech audience is more aware of the risks of offering up their personal information than the average person. Protect their data and ensure you follow best practices when creating email campaigns. When you create email campaigns, segment your leads so you can send timely and helpful information appropriate for each group’s sophistication level when it comes to your area of tech.

3.     Choose the right social media channels

Building a compelling social media presence can take a lot of time and effort, but many companies spread themselves thin trying to perform on every platform. The shotgun approach might dilute your messaging too much in valuable areas, so do some research to narrow your focus. Where do your target customers look for the type of solution you sell? Where do they buy?

Making social media work for your tech company

Social media should always be about reaching audiences who hold potential for you as buying customers and finding ways to connect with them. The proper social channels will allow you to spark discussions, introduce new ideas and connect with other like-minded people in the space. They should attract the kind of customers you want.

4.     Create high-quality explainer videos

Video can communicate more than written text, so it’s a popular method for demonstrating how products work or showcasing essential features. You can use this format to get information to a customer quickly or make complex ideas more accessible.

Want to win with video marketing?

You can create videos that walk a potential customer through how your tech product works, but they may not be meaningful to all viewers. Remember, most people are moved to action by what they feel. The human element matters! When using video in your tech marketing, go beyond a simple walkthrough of what your product does and show customers what they’ll experience and feel once your product solves their problem.

5.     Collaborations and partnerships with influencers

Marketing should expand your reach and help you raise brand awareness with new audiences similar to your best customers. Partnering with influential people in your industry through collaborations, special events or sponsored content can be a great way to get your company in front of new people.

Making partnerships work in tech marketing

Influencer marketing is not just popular personalities promoting consumer goods on their social channels. There are other ways collaboration can power great results for tech product marketing. Consider reaching out to thought leaders in your space to partner on a content series or panel discussion, or have them share their experience with your product as a paid ambassador. Your customers are more likely to trust social proof than your company’s direct advertising.

Measure what matters for best marketing ROI

It’s easy to get caught up in a numbers game in marketing. Surely, bigger is better when it comes to your audience, right? Not necessarily. No matter what marketing tactic you try, keep your original goals in mind when creating campaigns. Who are you trying to reach, and why?

Successful marketing means reaching the right audience with a relevant message at the right time. Therefore, every campaign you plan should target the people most likely to buy from you and deliver the information they need to feel comfortable.

A clever video or ad campaign seen by thousands of people may not drive sales, but one that makes your target audience feel seen and understood could convert someone into a lifetime customer.

When you get it right, you’ll likely see increased engagement from relevant audiences and growth in the channels where your customers spend time. And, of course, use testing and tracking so you can make data-driven decisions will always help you invest your marketing dollars more wisely.