Through changing times, the one constant is that Canadian media matters.

Trusted, quality content and award-winning journalism keep Canadians nationwide and abroad, informed, fostering awareness, advocacy, and accountability. By joining forces with our advertising partners, Postmedia can guarantee the preservation of a thriving media ecosystem that is crucial to promoting democracy and bolstering the economy.

At Postmedia, we believe it is important to acknowledge this support.

Canadian Media Matters

Big thanks to our advertising partners and key supporters of Canadian media, who through their support, enable us to continue our endeavour to provide Canadians with trusted news sources and credible journalism.

So why should Canadian Media matter to me?

Canadian media plays a critical role in informing, engaging, and empowering the public. It serves as a platform for diverse voices, fosters a sense of community and facilitates democratic discourse. By supporting Canadian media, you contribute to a vibrant and independent media landscape that upholds the values of transparency, accountability, and democratic principles.

Postmedia remains steadfast in its commitment to provide Canadians across the nation and beyond with reliable, high-quality content through award-winning journalism. Our primary objective is to keep the public well-informed while upholding the democratic values that are fundamental to our society. We strive to cover what matters most to our loyal readers from coast to coast.

Investing in local media is key for Canadian businesses and advertisers, as it plays a crucial role in shaping the future of our democracy. We acknowledge and appreciate the support of our agency clients, national advertisers, local businesses, and industry associations. Together, our commitment is symbolic of our mission to advocate for the sustainability of a dynamic Canadian media ecosystem.

How can I make positive change?


Canadian Media Manifesto

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Canadian Media Matters Webcast

Industry leaders came together to conduct a critical discussion about why supporting a healthy media ecosystem in Canada has never been more important.

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Canadian Media Manifesto

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Brand Values

Canadian media relies on a strong and diverse range of media voices and outlets.
These values keep us informed, promote accountability, support our economic recovery and form the backbone of our national fabric.
Sharing these values promotes the growth and sustainability of Canadian Media.

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