3 Steps to Regain Marketshare

These are unprecedented times. History has taught us that the decisions we make today, will make a big impact in business quarters to come. To help make better decisions, it’s important to stay on top of consumer behavioral trends. Below are some insights that we’ve used to make better decisions with our paid and social campaigns:

People are looking for clear information about where, how and when they can get what they need

• 89% of Canadians consumers say is completely acceptable for companies and brands to be communicating at this time

• 66% say they want to know how they are responding to the situation

Consumers’ searches and preferences are shifting not ending:

• 60% of Canadians used search to see “what is open or closed near me”

• 70% increase in searches for “curbside pickup”.

As you begin to market again, or shift what you’ve been doing to something new, we’ve made a simple

Step 1: Get organized​

  • Recognize shifts in buying habits​
  • Know which of your products or services are in demand​
  • Know your inventory levels and convey accurate availability ​
  • Train staff and personalize service​
  • Extend return and exchange policy ​
  • Lead with your best offer​

Step 2: Website Checkup ​

  • Ensure your website is responsive and mobile friendly ​
  • Ecommerce enabled with optimized product feed​
  • Intuitive user experience ​
  • Make it easy for your customers to connect with you​
  • Phone number in upper right hand corner​
  • Add a click to call button​
  • Add a Chat box (disable for mobile)​
  • Keep form fills short​
  • Consistent messaging across all pages​
  • Convey your safety policy (employees and customers)​
  • Ensure website & landing page messaging aligns ​

Step 3: Marketing and Advertising ​

  • Know you’re your story!​
  • Update all ad copy ​
  • Review your creative ​
  • Let people know you’re open for business​
  • Update the following online platforms​
    • Google My Business​
    • Bing Places​
    • Facebook Business Page​
    • Postmedia Listicle

Let’s get started