Postmedia Protect

According to IAB Canada’s Brand Safety survey, it was noted that technology continues to become more refined, but despite the progress, over 50% of respondents were not very familiar with the tools available to help provide brand safety. It is also important to note that while technical tactics like white and blacklisting are on the rise, it remains critical for buyers to deploy a multi-tiered approach to their risk-averse media buying strategy.

This insight drove Postmedia to develop a proprietary brand safety technology, the Postmedia Protect keyword tool, using page-level language scanning to provide brand safe advertising. Upon request Postmedia can accept a keyword list provided by a client, which can be used for specific campaign targeting.   Keywords are a powerful tool for either Negative – content exclusion (such as not running ads beside “health” content) or Positive – content targeting (running ads next to a competitor’s brand).

This technology is specifically available for direct programs on-network booked via direct or via programmatic guaranteed.

Brand Safe

  • IAS and TAG Safety: Providing advertisers a fraud free, premium environment

  • Keyword Level Safety: We scan for negative keywords at a content level

  • Qualified: measured Viewability, offering the right environment to be most effective

Brand Suitable

  • Advanced optimization: the ability to optimize to or create deals based on the highest quality, best performing placements & environments

  • Vertical Content: As a large content engine, we have suitable content that works with your brand

  • Placement Strategy: Position your ads alongside content that aligns with your brand.