What is viewability

 To recap, the definition of Viewability is 50% of pixels in view for 1 second for Display, and 50% in view for 2 seconds for Video.  One important thing to remember about Viewability is there is no such thing as 100%. Despite best efforts, not every ad which serves is recorded as viewable, due to factors outside our control such as user scroll speed, browser size and pages latency.  

Viewability Goals and Performance

Postmedia is continually upgrading how our sites function to remain best in class for looks, speed and ad viewability. Our network averages approximately 65% viewability, which is 15% above the industry average of 50%. Despite this, do not think 65% is bad! 

65% viewability essentially means 6.5 / 10 ads served are recorded as viewable. When advertisers have expectations around viewability, we can be very flexible to ensure their goals. How exactly can we do this?  

For example, an order of 1M impressions with an 80% viewability goal. What this really means is the expectation is 800,000 / 1M ads must be recorded as viewable. If our average is 65% we simply need to over-serve the campaign by approx. 150,000 impressions to hit the goal.

Note: This may cause an increase in ad serving fees, however, ensures that the KPIs are met.  

Viewable Cost Per Mille (vCPM)

Alternatively, we also offer a solution in which we book the entire campaign using a vCPM (Viewable CPM) to ensure we bill only for ads reported as viewable. In this example, an order of 1M impressions on vCPM, will only be billed for the 1M ordered, however on the final report it will show Postmedia having served: 

1M Viewable Impressions 

Approx 1.3-1.4M total impressions  

On the back end, our fulfillment team also has methods to optimize towards viewability based on the specific product(s) ordered.