Postmedia Network is a Canadian newsmedia company representing more than 140 brands across multiple print, online, and mobile platforms. Award-winning journalists and innovative product development teams bring engaging content to millions of people every week whenever and wherever they want it. This exceptional content, reach and scope offers advertisers and marketers compelling solutions to effectively reach target audiences.

At Postmedia Solutions, our mission is to make big things happen for brands.

We aspire to build and maintain strong relationships with our customers by working collaboratively to design and execute engaging campaigns for print, web, smartphone and tablet. We blend media expertise with marketing intelligence. It’s the perfect balance of creativity and science to propel brand awareness, conversions, engagement and loyalty.

With our quality content, measurable strategies and agile technologies, we help you build lasting, meaningful relationships with your audiences through efficiency and scale.  Reach for a solution with a Postmedia representative today.

Our skill set

Campaign Planning
Campaign Monitoring
Build Websites
Social Media
Writing Content

National Sales Contacts


Angela Steurnagel
Director, Sales


Angelo Pacitto
Manager, Media Sales


Beth Keller
Manager, Media Sales


Craig Hamilton
Director, Media Sales


Chad Moore
Manager, Media Sales

Dicomm Media

Thibaud Wallaert
General Manager
646-536-7206 x 2

Local Sales Contacts

Region Contact Title Email Phone
Toronto David Battersby Director, Media Sales
Ottawa Jon Stewart Director, Media Sales 613-596-3570
Windsor Duane Acorn Manager, Media Sales 519-255-5568
London Lisa Catania Manager, Media Sales 519-667-5480
Central/SW Ontario – Community Papers Ian Dowding Director, Media Sales 226-378-9454
Central Ontario – Community Papers Curtis Armstrong Manager, Media Sales 519-376-2250 x514301
Eastern Ontario – Community Papers Liza Nelson Manager, Media Sales 613-544-5000 x547801
Northern Ontario – Community Papers John Hammill Manager, Media Sales 705-325-1355 x511244

Jon Stewart
Director, Media Sales

Region Contact  Title Email Phone
Saskatoon Shawn Cornell Manager, Media Sales 306-657-6206
Regina Orest Gawdyda Manager, Media Sales 306-781-5309

Tracy Copeman
Director, Integrated Advertising

AB Contact  Title Email Phone
Calgary Dean Jager Director, Media Sales 403-250-4320
Edmonton Bob Paterson Director, Media Sales 780-429-5135

Daria Zmiyiwsky
Director, Media Sales


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