Content Marketing

We connect both our left and right brains by merging our editorial expertise with marketing intelligence.

Content marketing is an effective way to increase audience engagement and attention. It builds brand awareness, increases loyalty, and positions your brand as an expert. Great content provides a valuable service to audiences, rather than selling to them.

Whether you’re a small business looking for highly relevant marketing solutions, or a large business looking to share your expertise with a massive audience, we’ll help you build the right program to meet your advertising needs.

We’ve executed 500+ content marketing campaigns since 2007 for major local and national clients. Our expansive Native Network provides content marketing opportunities to all of our valued customers.

What is Native?

It’s advertising content that matches the form and function of a publisher’s platform. The content can include articles, videos, infographics and more! This content can appear in native ad placements which are designated positions on a publisher’s platform for native content.

Native campaigns produce higher engagement than traditional digital campaigns

[fusion_counter_box >Source: Postmedia
[fusion_counter_box >Source: Postmedia

Compared with standard display advertising, brand recall was
59% higher for consumers who were exposed to an advertiser’s branded content

Source: IPG Media Lab 2016

Our dedicated team of content experts at Postmedia Content Works collaborate with you to develop custom-tailored solutions to create, deploy and measure content marketing programs across many platforms and networks.

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