Last month, we talked about defining your goals to find the sweet spot for your content. Now, let’s discuss the kind of content you can create to help achieve those goals.

Content Works typically creates content in the following six article formats, into which topics can be neatly funneled; you can think of these as the building blocks for many content strategies we create here at Content Works. Creating content in diverse formats allows you to highlight different messages, accomplish different marketing goals and keep your audience entertained and coming back for more.

  1. Business profile: This is an opportunity to tell your audience your story, your values, your mission. This kind of story also lets you put a human face on your company, while sharing accomplishments and charitable endeavors.
  2. Service journalism: We also refer to this as “news you can use”. This content offers advice and tips to help readers make a decision, whether that’s about what cereal to buy at the grocery store or where to go on their next vacation.
  3. Thought leadership: Businesses often use sponsored content as a vehicle for thought leadership. Think of this almost like an op-ed, though it doesn’t have to be written in the first-person. Thought leadership articles position your team’s experts as authorities on important topics related to your industry.
  4. Product or service profile: This is an excellent content format to discuss features and benefits of a product or service to help reader on the path to purchase. And you don’t have to think of a product as something you can hold in your hand, either. It can be an app, a service such as a tune-up for your car or even a course at a post-secondary institution.
  5. Event promotion & coverage: Want to let your readers know about an exciting event you have coming up, or share pictures and coverage of something that already happened? This kind of content generates excitement with an event preview or recap.
  6. Brand journalism: Here, your business tells a story related to your brand’s values, not necessarily your products or services, in an effort to form an emotional connection with your audience and build brand affinity.

Every month, we work with advertisers across Canada to create impactful content that combines our expert storytelling with their marketing goals to create content that resonates with readers.

Here’s a selection of the best content partnerships we created with brands last month. For more examples and to learn about working with Postmedia Content Works, visit

Jack Health

The experts at Jack Health are advocating for Canadian men to take a more proactive role in maintaining their health. Content Works created an effective sponsored content campaign to increase awareness about male hormone imbalance issues, which often go unmentioned and untreated. The article encouraged readers to discuss any potential symptoms with their family physicians or to contact the expert online team at Jack Health.

Read the content here: Toronto Sun x Jack Health

The JUNO Awards

The JUNO Awards have always defined Canadian music, but each year they also redesign the nature of the show to stay fresh and appeal to all Canadians. This year, the awards came to Content Works to get the word out about their exciting lineup of hosts and performers, and some historic additions to the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. The show is being hosted in Halifax this year, bringing the pageantry back to the East coast and bringing Canadians together through their shared love of music.

Read the content here: National Post x The JUNOS


This article for agricultural industry supply company Nutrien, highlights the perception gap between farmers and consumers on sustainability. Nutrien conducted a study to quantify this perception gap and came to Content Works to promote the core finding: that consumers are often unaware of the sustainability measures taken by modern farmers. Nutrien wanted to help change this perception issue by promoting the hard work of farmers to make sustainable agriculture a reality.

Read the content here: National Post x Nutrien


The goal of this campaign was to position Polysleep’s Origin 2.0 mattress as the best investment one can make towards bettering their health. People spend a third of their lives sleeping, yet we tend to only invest in the aspects of our well-being that occur when we’re awake (nutrition, self-care, etc.). This 400-word story detailed how vital sleep is to our mental and physical health, and how it all starts with a high-quality mattress. The message was further emphasized by an interview with Polysleep’s founder, who gave an insider’s look into the design process of the mattress and the company’s origin story – showing that Polysleep’s main priority is their client’s health.

Read the content here: National Post x Polysleep

Tourism Cowichan

This story is the first in a two-part sponsored content series promoting the Cowichan region as an ideal family-friendly spring break destination. The story and its accompanying images took the reader on a journey to some of the many must-see attractions in the area, from scenic lakes to giant outdoor murals to the vibrant culinary scene and everything in between. The main call to action encouraged readers to begin planning their ideal spring break itinerary on Tourism Cowichan’s website.

Read the content here: Vancouver Sun x Tourism Cowichan

For more examples and to learn about working with Postmedia Content Works, visit