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With over 15 years of proven experience helping businesses grow. Our SEO experts optimize your website to get your business ranking on Google’s first page, with results that grow your website traffic and drive more sales.

58M+ Organic Monthly Visits

Our performance speaks for itself. We generate over 58M+ organic visits per month at Postmedia and know how to drive results. The power of this knowledge benefits our client’s websites, let it benefit yours.*

130+ High Domain Authority Websites

Our SEO services offer a unique owned network of 130+ Canadian websites as part of a holistic backlink strategy to build our client’s website domain authority, resulting in improved website ranking, increased traffic and leads.

Over 39K Content Pieces Monthly

Postmedia is a content-generating powerhouse. As a reputable news media company, we know a thing or two about content. We produce more content than anyone in Canada. Using our proven content strategy, we write and optimize content for our client’s websites that improve their SEO rankings.

Winning First-Party Data

With over 17M readers per month, Postmedia collects 3.7B signals of first-party data monthly from our digital brands across Canada allowing us to scale our advertising and content solutions for clients without relying on cookies and create custom segments for niche clients.**

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Postmedia SEO experts help improve your ranking in the Canadian market with customized SEO strategies.

Technical SEO Audit

Our SEO technicians perform an in-depth review of your website utilizing tools such as Ahrefs and Screaming Frog to ensure it is up-to-date with SEO best practices. And, our team of experts looks at elements such as site architecture, usability best practices, site speed, content duplication, evaluation of link profile and issues, Google Search Console review, XML sitemap evaluation, mobility issues, and more!

This review will help determine factors that are hindering the visibility of your website, and ensure all pages of your website are crawlable by search engines.

SEO Keyword Search

Postmedia SEO strategists perform extensive keyword & content research leveraging SEO keywords research tools such as SEMRush, industry insights and competitive analysis to identify keywords with search volume that searchers are actually typing into Google for your business.

Based on this analysis we determine potential content gaps and lay the foundation for your content strategy and content optimization to improve your search visibility.

On-page SEO Optimalization

Our SEO experts will map your relevant business keywords and optimize your web pages with custom-written keyword-rich Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, Header Tags and image optimization keeping in mind Google’s ranking factors to improve search visibility and traffic.

Content Strategy

The Postmedia SEO content strategy team starts with getting to know your audience and pairs that with extensive keyword research to develop a content plan that is not just what you think your customers are searching for but what they are actually looking for, and we don’t stop there. Our team of writers will work with you to write and optimize content for your site that is designed to drive relevant website traffic and build your domain authority.

Off-page SEO Link Building

A well-rounded off-page SEO strategy is important as backlinks are like votes of confidence showing Google your website is reputable and trusted for your niche.

Our SEO link-building team knows what it takes to improve the credibility and visibility of your website and that includes leveraging our owned and operated 130 high domain authority sites to get you ranking on page one of Google.

Consulting & Monthly Reporting

Our dedicated SEO account manager won’t just set it and forget it. Your business needs and your industry evolve and so does Google with over 500 algorithm updates a year! Your SEO account manager will provide real-time reports and monthly SEO results and analysis to ensure data-driven decision-making.

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With a proven track record with businesses of all sizes and industries across the country, our work is custom-tailored to meet the business needs of our clients.

“With several Toyota dealerships throughout Calgary, we were challenged with exposure and visibility in a highly saturated market. The Postmedia team of experts provided solutions tailored to our needs that landed our business at the top of the Google search. All our dealerships have experienced some of our best monthly sales since working with Postmedia. We’re quite happy with the results and definitely see an ROI. Our consultant is knowledgeable and has new ideas every time we meet to make sure our solutions are optimized. He goes above and beyond.”

Brandon Potts

“Our goal with our digital campaigns is to drive brand awareness within our target markets and drive qualified traffic to our e-commerce and stores. As a luxury retailer, targeting is vital in our digital media strategy. Postmedia has understood our market and helped us refine our targeting and succeed in driving more qualified traffic. In our experience working with the Postmedia digital team, they have proven to be very professional and knowledgeable in the digital space. They are a results driven team who monitors key metrics to test and optimize results.”

Katie Reusch

“New Nordic has worked with Postmedia for a decade now. We started out exclusively buying print media but gradually included digital marketing. Our investment in both media has grown steadily, due to the excellent service and execution. Their team is dedicated, effective and business savvy. We highly recommend them as a marketing partner.”

Jan Petersen

Work with an SEO expert


Raise your business profile, outsmart your competition, and generate more leads for your business with Postmedia’s extensive advertising and marketing solutions.



Off-page SEO techniques are necessary for Ecommerce websites to build credibility with search engines and attract more visitors.

Using search engine optimization (SEO) to increase your online and in-store sales is an important strategy to grow your business.

Searching for information on Google is second nature to most of us, but business owners can’t ignore how important this habit is.


*Google Analytics, 2022 monthly average. ** Sources: Overall monthly reach figure derived from internal calculations to factor-out duplication. Population Base: Vividata Winter 2023, Adults 18+ = 31,324,000 / English Adults 18+ = 22,671,000. Print readership: Postmedia 27 measured Brands, Vividata Winter 2023 Monthly Reach/Frequency + Est’d Community Daily/Weekly using Circulation Reports & RPC estimates. Digital: Comscore MultiPlatform Total Canada – monthly Average: Oct/Nov/Dec 2022 Adults 18+. Postmedia Solutions SEO services are not verified or endorsed by Google.