A skilled team of digital marketers can help you effectively manage and optimize your social media marketing campaigns to engage with your audience in a meaningful way that drives results.

The power of social media channels to inform and influence is undeniable. Nearly 60 per cent of the global population (4.8 billion people) and almost 93 per cent of everyone online are social media users. Most of us are on Facebook, which has just over 3 billion active monthly users. While Facebook is the largest social media platform, YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat and Instagram each have well over a billion users.

On average people spend almost two and half hours on social media each day and visit more than six social networks each month. These are big, important numbers for any brand that wants to engage online with their target audience.

Building your presence and credibility on social media is critical and complements more direct search engine optimization (SEO) efforts by giving you another way to connect with customers, build trust and expand your reach. Social platforms make it easy for customers to become brand ambassadors by providing the ability to share photos, reviews and testimonials, helping drive people to your website, e-commerce site and physical locations.

This can only happen if you have created a strong social media strategy that opens the door to conversation that drives engagement. Delivering on this goal can be complex and requires specialized skill sets in content marketing, audience engagement, data analysis and measurement.

If you don’t have an inhouse team with these skills, outsourcing to a professional agency like Postmedia Solutions is critical. We can develop and execute a social media strategy that will effectively engage your target audience, enhance brand recognition, generate leads and help you meet your business objectives.

Advantages of Entrusting Your Social Media Marketing to a Professional Agency

There are several key competitive advantages to hiring a professional agency to develop, execute and manage your social media strategy, including:

Access to a team of experts

From identifying the unique traits and interests of your target audience to developing great content that resonates with them to tracking and measuring performance, a professional team with diverse areas of expertise can develop and deliver a successful social media strategy. This will free up your people to do what they do best, avoiding the need for expensive, time consuming training and providing an important new resource and knowledge base.

Cost savings

Outsourcing social media marketing on a contract fixed-fee basis to a team of experts with a track record of success is more cost effective than hiring full-time professionals.

Your social media efforts will be prioritized

One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing social media is the attention it will get. A dedicated team of experts will bring their knowledge and expertise to create a comprehensive strategy designed to meet your business objectives and amplify your brand voice in a way that is consistent, with high quality content that appears on time and on a regularly scheduled basis. A team of social media experts will create an engaging, informative social media profile that will capture your target audience’s attention and keep their interest. They will make sure your brand name and logo are clearly featured so users can easily identify you. They will use relevant keywords and add brand-related hashtags to help your target audience find you.

Increased adaptability

Accelerating change is the new normal and this is particularly evident in how quickly social media is evolving. There is always a new trend taking hold. Working with a team of social media experts will help you stay in the know and aware of what’s coming. This is essential to maintain and grow your market share and stay front of mind with your target audience.

Improved performance measurement

Social media marketing experts will use data analytics to accurately keep track of how and where visitors discover you and what they do once they’re on your channel. They will provide detailed reports about what’s working, what’s not working and how you can improve. These insights will help ensure you are on track to achieving your business objectives.

Whether you’re just getting started with social media marketing or revamping your strategy to improve outcomes, bringing in a team of experts can help maximize the impact of your social media channels to drive results while reducing costs, gaining a competitive advantage and increasing sales.