At Content Works, one of our favourite ways to increase reader engagement is by including additional creative elements that live within the article page. One of the most versatile options is an interactive infographic.

There are several ways to approach an interactive infographic, from a quiz that allows readers to test their knowledge (try the orangutan quiz in the Toronto Zoo example below!) to creating a piece of shoppable content that encourages readers to discover your products right there on the story page.

An infographic allows us to dig deep into an aspect of the story we’re telling or give readers an easily-digestible visual overview of complicated concepts. It’s a visual aid that allows us to share interesting and relevant information with our readers in a fun and interactive way.

No matter the industry your business is in, our talented team of producers will work with you to determine the best approach for your infographic. Each infographic is then designed in-house by our designers and embedded within your article so that readers can experience it alongside the main article.

Every month, we work with advertisers across Canada to create impactful content that combines our expert storytelling with their marketing goals to create content that resonates with readers. Here’s a selection of the best content partnerships we created with brands last month.

The Toronto Zoo

The Toronto Zoo has opened a new habitat for its beloved orangutans, and its aim is to educate the public about these majestic creatures and how to protect them. Through a 750-word article, our readers were introduced to the new habitat, the years-long process to complete it and the important cause it highlights: conservation of wild orangutans’ natural habitat in Indonesia. A short interactive quiz accompanied the article, testing the reader’s knowledge on orangutans and their homes in the wild, further educating the readers on the Toronto Zoo’s conservation cause.

Read the content here: National Post x Toronto Zoo

Ottawa Tourism

For the second part of their summer campaign (read about part one in our June blog post!) we created an immersive article for Ottawa Tourism. This experience showcased many of Ottawa’s must-visit spots and included fun, clickable interactive elements for readers to explore. By presenting an article in this way, we were able to make use of stunning large-scale imagery, engaging additional content and create a full-page experience for readers to enjoy.

Read the content here: National Post x Ottawa Tourism

Shaw Charity Classic

MADISON, WISCONSIN – JUNE 11: Fred Couples waves to the crowd after making his putt on the 14th green during the first round of the American Family Insurance Championship at University Ridge Golf Course on June 11, 2021 in Madison, Wisconsin. (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

The Shaw Charity Classic is the lone Seniors PGA golf tournament held in Canada. The event is a massive fundraiser for Alberta children’s charities and attracts loads of spectators. This year, the 11th for the Calgary tournament, the total funds raised for charity is expected to exceed $100 million. Content Works Calgary created two sponsored content stories for the organization to ramp up interest in the golf tournament and its charitable program with the goal of spurring donations and selling tickets. We also created two full pages of content that ran in the Calgary Herald and oversaw the design of a 56-page digital program for the event.

Read the content here: Calgary Herald x Shaw Charity Classic

Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec

The Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec (MNBAQ) has put together an amazing exhibit featuring Alexander McQueen’s breathtaking designs. In the exhibition, the clothing is paired with the paintings that inspired them, showcasing how different art movements and artworks inspired the prominent designer’s work. The 750-word article gave a little taste of what the exhibit will feature and encourages readers to go and experience the magic themselves at the MNBAQ.

Read the content here: Montreal Gazette x MNBAQ

Rubber Stone

This is the third campaign for Rubber Stone that we have produced this year and for this article we interviewed a happy customer who discussed why he chose the company, his experience during installation and how satisfied he is with the product. The company’s advertising goal was to increase awareness in Western Canada of their product’s benefits and generate bookings for fall installation, so to help facilitate this, the story ran online and in print in both the Regina Leader-Post and Calgary Herald.

Read the content here: Saskatoon Star Phoenix x Rubber Stone

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