When it comes to content marketing, sometimes the most effective way to reach your audience is to create a series of articles that allow you to tap into different areas of expertise and topics that are of interest to our readers and your target audience. Many of our clients choose to work with us on long-running content series, instead of one-off pieces of content.

But what are some of the benefits to publishing more than one article?

When you publish content consistently, it can:

  • Help build a long-lasting relationship with the audience.
  • Allow you to establish subject matter expertise, leading readers to trust your brand and your knowledge and advice
  • Give you the opportunity to focus on different aspects of your business, with different key messaging and targeting depending on the target audience
  • Tell varied stories across a broad range of topics, from thought leadership to service journalism.

A long running content series also allows our team to review analytics and glean insights to ensure each piece of content is as engaging and successful as possible. Our content studio here at Postmedia will work with you to establish a content plan that allows you to tell the right stories and reach the right audience.

Every month, Postmedia’s Content Works team partners with advertisers across Canada to create impactful content that combines our expert storytelling with their marketing goals to create content that resonates with readers. Here’s a selection of the best content partnerships we created with brands last month.

City Cruises

Over the course of six months, City Cruises launched a series of articles tailored to specific regions, promotions and seasonal highlights. The goal was to keep the various City Cruises offerings and promotions top of mind for readers thinking about their next vacation. By releasing one article a month over the course of six months, the series effectively covered all major ports and promotions while aligning with seasonal highlights such as fall colours, holiday celebrations and more.

Read the content here: National Post x City Cruises

City of Saskatoon Utilities & Environment

The City of Saskatoon’s Transportation and Utilities department turned to Postmedia Content Works to help launch their new energy coaching services, which are available free of charge to city residents through a contract with national energy experts, Summerhill. The story explained how Saskatoon residents can access the expertise of an energy coach when planning home improvements and learn about everyday ways to reduce energy consumption and lower utility bills.

Read the content here: Saskatoon Star Phoenix x City of Saskatoon

Montreal Gazette Private Education interactive page

This interactive experience serves as a one-page guide for readers interested in learning more about private schools in Montreal. The design was based on the idea of dropping children off at school: the scrolling cursor is a bus and every stop is a clickable pop-up. Participating schools each have their own ‘bus stop’ which readers can click on to read an overview about the school. The page was published and amplified at the same time as each school’s article in the annual Private Education special feature, offering more content to accompany the section.

Explore the content here: Montreal Gazette x Private Schools


The goal of this campaign was to profile Novartis Canada as a leader in neuroscience and amplify their efforts to modernize the current care approach in multiple sclerosis (MS) by advancing biomarker research. The article features an interview with a neurologist who has 20 years of experience in MS and speaks passionately about the need for innovation in this space. Featured alongside quotes from the vice president of Neuroscience at Novartis Canada, this commentary from a KOL positions the company as a key contributor to cutting-edge research that could measurably improve the standard of care for those living with MS.

Read the content here: Healthing x Novartis

Whatever Productions (Liberty Group)

In this spooky article, we aimed to catch the attention of readers by promising, “‘Somewhere along the lines, we’ll tap into the thing that scares you the most.” Just in time for Halloween, this story previewing the eighth annual Legends of Horror event at historic Casa Loma in Toronto was filled with “thrills, chills and stunning visuals” from the display.

Read the content here: Toronto Sun x Whatever Productions

For more examples and to learn more about working with Postmedia Content Works, click here.