What are we talking about when we discuss “sponsored content” at Postmedia.

Essentially, sponsored content is any paid content – articles, videos, quizzes, social media, and much more — hosted by a trusted media publisher (that’s us!) and promoted through the publisher’s channels. And it’s one of our best tactics to connect with a client’s target audience as well as our avid readership.

We work with clients on sponsored content very often, and it’s a product they love working with us on. Here are three reasons why:

  1. Format: Sponsored content is crafted to provide an editorial-style experience for readers, so it’s not interruptive, it matches the form feel and function of the rest of the site, the idea being that readers are more receptive to advertising when it’s in a format that they know and love.   
  2. Value: We’ve said it once, we’ll say it a thousand times. In content, it’s important to give more than you take. While your brand’s goal might be to raise awareness of their business or products, they can do so while simultaneously offering useful advice or content to readers. Consider what advice you can offer or what unique insights you can provide that readers will find useful, and go from there. This will reinforce your client or brand as the experts without outright saying so.
  3. Reach: By partnering with a publisher, you don’t just benefit from their team’s creative expertise. You access their strategists’ knowledge when it comes to audience targeting, ensuring your content reaches the most qualified and engaged audiences. Plus, you benefit from the publication’s prestige, resulting in brand lift and trust. In fact, 75 per cent of consumers are more trusting of info when it comes from an editorial source than a brand directly.

Every month, we work with advertisers across Canada to create impactful content that combines our expert storytelling with their marketing goals to create content that resonates with readers.

Here are five campaigns that matched client goals with audience expectations to offer a valuable, engaging story to readers. For more examples and to learn about working with Postmedia Content Works, visit www.postmediasolutions.com/solutions/content/.

Bloom Finance

This story introduces readers to a brand-new, innovative solution to boost monthly cash flow through home equity: the Bloom Home Equity Prepaid Mastercard. As this is a new product launch for Bloom Finance, a leading provider of reverse mortgages in Canada since 2019, the story not only demonstrates that Bloom Finance has their pulse on the needs of aging Canadians, but that they continue to innovate through this new solution. The story provides informative content on the benefits and features of the new Bloom Home Equity Prepaid Mastercard and incites readers to find out more and apply by visiting Bloom Finance’s website. 

See the content here: National Post x Bloom Finance

Arts Commons

Running digitally and in print in the Calgary Herald, this article highlighted the latest show in the Arts Commons Presents and BD&P World Stage Series, DakhaBrakha, coming to Jack Singer Concert Hall on April 4. Steeped in Ukrainian history, DakhaBrakha is a quartet from Kyiv celebrating twenty years of bringing visually striking performances to audiences all around the world. Featuring an interview with Arts Commons vice-president of programming Sarah Garton Stanley and DakhaBrakha member Marko Halanevych, this story put forth an opportunity for Calgarians to experience authentic Ukrainian culture with a modern twist.

See the content here: Calgary Herald x Arts Commons

Visit Utah

This story is the first in a two-part series for Visit Utah. The campaign’s overall aim was to entice Canadian adventure-seekers to consider Utah as their next travel destination this spring and summer. This first story focused on exciting attractions in northern Utah, highlighting the regions of Salt Lake City and Logan. Written in an approachable tone, the story provides readers with plethora of enticing itinerary ideas, further demonstrated by an interactive map embedded into the story, offering readers even more engaging content. Once readers devour this clever combo of story and interactive map, there is nothing left to do but plan their trip to Utah by heading to Visit Utah’s website or clicking the custom url in the call to action to plan their trip.

See the content here: National Post x Visit Utah

Epstein and Associates

This was the second sponsored story we did for this Ontario law firm based out of the Greater Toronto Area. The first story was a business profile, describing the firm’s offerings at a new office opened in the Peel Region. This second story showed thought leadership with the firm’s managing partner and another estate litigation lawyer discussed the dangers of completing a do it yourself will. Interviewees from Epstein and Associates spoke from past experiences where their firm had to fix problems encountered by people who thought they could save money be creating their own will. The story attracted good engagement and stirred up an enlightening discussion on social media.

Read the content here: National Post x Epstein and Assosicates

Sun Life Financial

Even if you missed the RRSP deadline, that doesn’t mean you need to wait until next year to get on the path to financial success. This article shared positive steps you can take starting today to start build wealth with the message that it’s never too late to embark on that journey. Quotes and recommendations from a Sun Life expert were integrated throughout, positioning them as trusted, reliable experts and raising awareness of Sun Life’s wealth management products.

Read the content here: Financial Post x Sun Life

For more examples and to learn about working with Postmedia Content Works, visit www.postmediasolutions.com/solutions/content/.