It’s almost 2024 and you’re probably thinking of ways to create an impactful marketing strategy to start the new year with a bang. According to the Content Marketing Institute, a staggering 77 per cent of B2C organizations and 70 per cent of B2B businesses are generating significantly more content compared to just a year ago, so there’s never been a better time to showcase your own expertise and begin content marketing.

Sponsored content is a valuable tool in your marketing strategy that allows you to control your own narrative, partner with a premium publisher and build brand credibility, awareness and engagement.

But perhaps the most important reason to believe in sponsored content is simply that it works.  

Consider this: have you shared an article with someone in the last 24-48 hours? Maybe this is something you’ve shared on social media or LinkedIn. You might also have shared an Instagram post or a TikTok video with someone. 

Human beings love stories. Sponsored content lets advertisers deliver their message in a format that we’re already interacting with and sharing with our loved ones. 

We’re also more likely to remember, share and be influenced by stories than other forms of advertising. Our brains love patterns. Stories create patterns when we can connect what we’re hearing in a story to our own experiences, which creates an emotional connection but also reinforces that story in your mind. In fact, sponsored content is 22x more engaging than traditional banner ads, which is probably part of the reason it sticks with us. 

Every month, we work with advertisers across Canada to create impactful content that combines our expert storytelling with their marketing goals to create content that resonates with readers. Here’s a selection of the best content partnerships we created with brands last month.

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Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation (ABCRC)

ABCRC is Alberta’s beverage container collection agent, and through a series of sponsored content stories in 2023 and beyond, their aim is to encourage the population to make every effort possible to divert recyclable beverage containers from landfills. This story reminded readers of the impact recycling can make on our planet, in their communities and to organizations that benefit from donated container deposit refunds. This piece was strategically published around the holiday season, a time when many are hosting additional parties with friends and loved ones and where waste can accumulate quickly if beverage containers are not brought back to depots. The benefits of a circular economy are highlighted in this piece, making it not only informative but actionable, as recycling is the gift that keeps on giving.

Read the content here: Calgary Herald x Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation (ABCRC)

Alberta Forest Products Association

The Alberta Forest Products Association launched a series of two sponsored content stories to educate readers about its practices, explaining how forestry can renew lands while also providing key wood and pulp products. The piece focused on the professionals who spend much of their lives in the woods, studying and planning so that harvesting processes are sustainable. The guidelines companies must follow are explained while emphasizing the methods followed to help slow the spread of fire, pests and disease. The goal is to make sure forests remain healthy through the harvest cycle. The story sparked lively debate about forestry and its role in a changing environment.

Read the content here: Edmonton Journal x Alberta Forest Products Association

Lung Health Foundation

The purpose of this article was to increase traffic to the lung cancer section of the foundation’s website while subtly integrating fundraising requests for Lung Cancer Awareness Month. The tone of the article was hopeful yet realistic, emphasizing quality of life while discussing newer treatments and combating the stigmatized fear of lung cancer. The central theme underscored the importance of early diagnosis, urging individuals not to delay checkups, with insight from those who have survived the disease and those currently living with it.

Read the content here: National Post x Lung Health Foundation

Seva Canada

This article introduced readers to Seva Canada, an organization dedicated to restoring sight and preventing blindness in low- and middle-income countries through partnerships designed to establish sustainable community eye care. 40 per cent of children in low-income countries who are blind would be able to see if they had access to early care – this story supports Seva’s mission to help children access treatment and reach their full potential. Featuring an interview with executive director Liz Brant, this piece highlights Seva’s holiday campaign, which is matching donations up to $2,500 (up to $100,000) until Dec. 31.

Read the content here: National Post x Seva Canada

The Regional Group of Companies

Trio Orléans is a boutique apartment rental building in the heart of Orléans. The aim of this campaign was to create awareness around the unique opportunity to live in a brand-new construction in a well-established suburban neighbourhood that is also surrounded by urban conveniences. The approach in this awareness piece was to provide insight on the experience of living in a boutique-style apartment rental from current tenants, while providing readers with an overview of the luxurious amenities available on site and what to look forward to as the project nears completion.

Read the content here: Ottawa Citizen x The Regional Group of Companies

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