In our last blog post, we talked about what sponsored content is. Now it’s time to look at why you should include sponsored content as part of your marketing plan and the advantages that it offers.

First and foremost, sponsored content lets you write your own narrative.

It can be an opportunity to tell the audience your story, convey your values, your passions, your mission. We know that consumers are more likely to support purpose-driven companies and sponsored content is a great way to send that message.

Sponsored content can be used to build credibility by establishing you or your company as a thought leader, an expert authority or innovator. After all, who knows your industry better than you? This is an opportunity to show off your expertise.

Sponsored content can also improve brand awareness and recognition because it’s very effective at leaving a lasting impression.

At Postmedia, a typical user will spend between two to four minutes with a piece of sponsored content. In a world of endless scrolling, that’s a ton of time that can be used to make a connection. In your marketing funnel, sponsored content can be used for awareness, engagement or conversion – but we find it’s best suited as a tool for engagement.

We know that a lot of consumers are going to do plenty of research online before making a buying decision. Sponsored content campaigns can help you connect with that audience and show them your content while they are doing their research, but can also be geared towards generating traffic to your site through display ads on the page and calls to action.

Every month, Postmedia’s Content Works team partners with advertisers across Canada to create impactful content that combines our expert storytelling with their marketing goals to create content that resonates with readers. Here’s a selection of the best content partnerships we created with brands last month.

AML Cruises

The goal of this campaign was to attract visitors from outside Quebec to go and see the whales in the Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park this summer. This 750-word article not only details why the region offers the best whale watching experience, but also informs readers about the many different activities they can do in the region aside from visiting the whales. An infographic was included within the story to help readers visualize the geography of the region, with clickable whales that offer more information on the species that can be spotted while whale watching.

Read the content here: National Post x AML Cruises

CPKC Women’s Open

CP Women’s Open PHOTO: Andre Ringuette/Freestyle Photography

For the first time since 2015, B.C. will host the CPKC Women’s Open at the Shaughnessy Golf & Country Club. To raise awareness of the tournament and its new name, the Vancouver Sun collaborated with CPKC on a three-part sponsored content series. The articles, released throughout the summer in anticipation of the event, focused on the uniqueness of the course and the excitement of hosting the tournament in Vancouver; the good that can be done by using sport as a fundraising engine; the incredible depth of talent in the competitors for this year’s tournament; and the reasons British Columbians should be excited to either watch or attend the event. Just a month into the campaign and the content has already been met with immense support on social media.

Read the content here: Vancouver Sun x CPKC Women’s Open

PhysioMira Physiotherapy

PhysioMira Physiotherapy wanted to demystify pelvic floor therapy and dispel certain misconceptions about this treatment. The campaign’s objective was to present readers with facts about pelvic floor therapy, who it can benefit and how it’s done. To do this, Content Works crafted an article, published on Healthing, that introduced the many applications for pelvic floor therapy, while reassuring readers that the treatment can be non-invasive and life changing. The client wanted to ensure that the article had an approachable and accessible tone that would appeal to a wide range of patients that suffer the consequences of weak pelvic floor muscles.

Read the content here: Healthing x PhysioMira Physiotherapy

Robert Land Academy

Part of a four-article campaign that spans into next year, the goal of this first article was to raise awareness and promote enrolment at Robert Land Academy, Canada’s only military-inspired private school, located in the Niagara region of Ontario. The client wanted to address the stigma of military-style education so a listicle approach was used for the first story in the series, providing five reasons why parents and their children should consider Robert Land Academy. Listicle-style articles are an engaging format that present information in a way that is easy to digest, making for a convenient and fun experience for readers.

Read the content here: National Post x Robert Land Academy

Township of Severn

This story is part of a three-part series introducing readers to the Township of Severn, with a goal of attracting new residents, businesses and investors to the region. This first story’s focus was on attracting new residents to the region, highlighting Severn’s small-town charm and lifestyle paired with its advantageous proximity to urban areas. The approach was to demonstrate the active, outdoor lifestyle and culture of the region while pointing to its rapidly growing housing market and employment opportunities.

Read the content here: National Post x Township of Severn

For more examples and to learn more about working with Postmedia Content Works, click here.